Celebrating 15 years of business, CHASM Architecture is an award-winning design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, with additional offices throughout the southeast. Led by Nathaniel O. Clark, in collaboration with a phenomenal team of expert staff, CHASM has established a successful brand by providing responsive solutions and quality professional service to a broad spectrum of clients.

Envisioned as a client-centered design firm, CHASM maintains a constant state of evolution and operates as if “the box doesn’t exist”.  We understand each client and project is different, which requires a customized and empathetic approach to satisfy the owner’s programmatic needs. We are lean, pliable, and responsive. We are a diverse group of listeners who enjoy interacting with our clients throughout the entire design cycle – and camaraderie is key to our success.

Our commitment – provide gifted, seasoned, and qualified professionals, dedicated to delivering creative and innovative solutions to everyone we encounter.

We are a client-centered design firm that believes in the enduring power of how design can solve problems, improve lives, and unleash potential.



CHASM excels in surpassing expectations by breaking free from the norm. We place high importance on building relationship, collaboration, and connection. Because of this, we are not defined by a particular aesthetic. Instead, we craft innovative solutions for each client in order to make their space a reflection of who they are.


Our commitment to design quality and spaces that work is matched by our design integrity, culture and attention to detail. We maintain a transparent design process to keep our team engaged and accountable. Our design process continues to improve because everyone is aligned. Transparency removes ego by encouraging everyone to work together and share the responsibility of bringing our projects to life.


We strive to improve our practice through advancing design. We work through the design process together, refining the design until we find the best possible solution. In this way, we are constantly discovering the potential of existing buildings and unlocking new and innovative possibilities.


Through research and thoughtful place-making, our work continually embodies solutions that connect communities, respects heritage, and provides impact that can span generations.

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