Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana – Multiple Projects

CHASM has served as the Corporate Architect for BlueCross and BlueShield of Louisiana since 2009.

Having completed over 50 planning and construction projects for BCBSLA, CHASM was hired to provide security enhancements to the main lobbies of all Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, corporate campus buildings along with renovating the interior finishes. With over 2,200 persons per day moving through the campus, it was important to BCBSLA to establish a stronger security presence while maintaining an open and welcoming culture for the public.

  • LocationBaton Rouge, LA
  • Cost$35 Million (Multiple Projects)

In order to maintain the clean lines and polished look of the lobbies, CHASM designed stainless steel, clear panel, key card-access security turnstiles at each major entrance of the Administration Building. The design also included a new precast concrete canopy to connect the existing doors and an interior renovation that doubled the size of the security camera monitoring room. The Operations Building scope included a main lobby renovation that added turnstiles, a conference room and a security badge room. CHASM also enclosed the existing entrance canopy of the Operations Building to create a new vestibule and added card readers at the main employee entrance from the parking garage. The Customer Center included expanding the lobby by shifting an existing glass wall in order to provide adequate exiting from the existing stairs through the new turnstiles.

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