Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Pedestrian Bridges

The Pedestrian Bridges connect the third level of the existing parking garages to the South and North terminals (at the clerestory window levels of the terminals).

Two bridges connect to the South Terminal at the Southeast and Southwest corners of the terminal and two bridges connect to the North Terminal at the Northeast and Northwest corners of the terminal. These bridges, located above the vehicular roadway below, will be used by pedestrians to move people from the garages to the terminal and back to the garages; thereby, limiting the number of pedestrians crisscrossing the vehicular roadway. Elevators and Escalators are incorporated into the design on the terminal side to move pedestrians vertically from the bridge level to the terminal roadway level and back to the bridge level. The bridge structural framing materials consist of steel and concrete with metal panel cladding and glass railing in stainless steel frames.

  • LocationAtlanta, GA
  • Budget$55 Million

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