Madison Preparatory Academy – New Classroom Building

CHASM Architecture served as the Architect of Record on this $4.5 Million, 21st-century design solution for the Madison Preparatory Academy.

Working together with school administrators, principals and students, CHASM devised a plan to save construction cost by using simple forms and materials to meet the project requirements. The project consists of multiple buildings, programs and curriculums, which includes, a new administration area, gymnasium entrance renovation, classroom addition and a new classroom building consisting of nine (9) classes, administrative offices, a library/media center and exterior teaching spaces that overlook the campus green.

  • LocationBaton Rouge, LA
  • Size16,000 SF
  • Cost$4.5 Million

The single goal reached on this project was to create an interdisciplinary community-based learning environment that incorporates state-of-the-art spaces in support of the school’s focus on math, science and the arts. As the corporate architect for C.S.A.L., parent company of Madison Preparatory Academy, CHASM continues to create dynamic spaces for a leader in the educational market.

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