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CHASM 2020 Annual Kick-Off Meeting

Posted: March 8, 2020 at 9:10am

CHASM staff gather every year in our Atlanta corporate headquarters for our “Annual Kick-Off Meeting”. It is an opportunity for our talented team to collectively refine the culture of the firm by reflecting upon our values, qualities, commitment to our professional development as well as our ascending position as a leader in the design industry.

We began with a night at Top Golf to watch the Super Bowl and practice our swings while catching up as a team. Then the following day consisted

of an open discussion of how each CHASM team member’s professional journey unfolded, where we each saw things heading, and how our teamwork has lead and continues to lead towards the success and exponential growth of the firm. That evening, we were treated with VIP level service and food provided by State Farm Arena and the Hawks Organization at the Hawks Game. Much gratitude to the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena for executing an excellent night.

Day two represented the continuation of our discussion on firm culture with a walk on the Beltline. Conversation topics included how we, as a team, believe CHASM must maintain a constant state of evolution to build an international brand.

Our Kick-Off was a tremendous success! Cheers to 15 years!

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