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The Human Spirit Is Unbreakable

Posted: June 4, 2020 at 4:58am

The human body is fragile.

But the human spirit is UNBREAKABLE!

When a multitude of empathetic humans allow themselves to tap into humble compassion towards others, then we can move beyond the slow evolution of a nation and exponentially create an existence for which we are destined to live in as Americans. This act requires an honest commitment to what is real, both tangible and intangible.

We cannot establish ourselves as a country of national equity for the future, while blatantly denying the inequities of the past. Awareness and a sincere acknowledgment of police brutality and racism should not have required the senseless and brutal murders of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and thousands of other unknown Black men and women to make the masses realize social injustice and inequality both, still thrive in America.

It is exhausting to be apologetic for being intelligent, talented, powerful, kind, and absolutely beautiful, all while being Black.

For those who say they understand the plight of the Black man and race to employ empty corporate statements that will fizzle after the next major news story surfaces means nothing. Leadership must be willing to fully commit to and implement corporate cultures devoid of hate-filled and disrespectful processes and individuals.

Neither the perspective nor the conversation can be one-sided, and apologies are unwanted if actions do not exceed words that eventually fade.

As a Black-owned and operated design firm, CHASM stands strongly against all racial injustices. We must each operate outside of our comfort zone to improve the nation we each call home.

Should you want to discuss this and much more, we created CHASM Academy in January 2020 to openly cultivate and mentor the next leaders within the design profession. Recent events, and quite honestly events that have been ongoing for centuries, havemade it clear that there is a much broader, deeper conversation that must be had!

Let us begin!

Nathaniel O. Clark

Father of Three Exceptional Black Children

CHASM (n) a sudden interruption in continuity, symbolizing the evolution of new ideas…

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