Albany State University – Live/Learn Development

The Albany State University Collegiate Living Development was designed by CHASM, in association with Architect of Record, Lord Aeck Sargent. The project consists of 600 beds within two unit-types. The buildings are sited to create a synergy of interaction between students, faculty and non-students. These ideas are reinforced by connecting plazas and exterior spaces with public interior spaces. The primary common areas are located at the centers and interior corners of the buildings, which creates areas for student activity. The project amenities include a movie theater, cooking kitchen, a restaurant, dance studio, computer rooms, study rooms and a student lounge that overlooks the main entrance.

As regional student housing and multi-family experts, CHASM’s role in this fast-track project included: design, coordinating structural, MEP, Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, code compliance, ADA and fair-housing compliance.

  • LocationAlbany, GA
  • Size180,000 SF
  • Cost$19.3 Million

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